Watch this space

Great gig on Friday at the RAFA Club in Ilford, with a warm and enthusiastic audience, and playing alongside the lovely vocal harmonies and guitars of Deja Vu.  Good grief, playing music is fun!

RAFA Club 2.10.15

Our playlist is wide-ranging and growing all the time, and this was our longest set yet.  We’ve visited the sixteenth century, worked our way through large parts of the twentieth and twenty-first. Now we’re working on getting some of our interesting, eclectic arrangements down on CD for all you lovely people.  We’ll put some recordings up here too.

And now…here’s news of a ukulele taster session we’re running at the same venue in a couple of weeks’ time.  Redbridge Music Lounge and the RAFA Club are hosting this, and it’s open to anyone who fancies a go at the uke or who wants to improve.  Bring yours with you if you have one, or there are a couple of extras if you don’t.  There’s no cost and it should be a fun session.  Open to all ages and abilities.  I’ll post publicity shortly but check the details in the calendar too.


We’re an all-weather kind of band

Come rain or shine, there we are, plucking away.  So far it’s been a summer of outdoor plunky fun, with a gig every week and largely appreciative audiences.  (Here we are, playing last week to a select gathering in the rain at No 8, Woodgrange Market, courtesy Chris and Anne and the E7 Arts Trail).playing in the rain at Woodgrange Market 26.7.15

Now for some consolidation and time to learn a few new tunes.  We have our first wedding coming up on 15th August – posh frocks on, lads!  We’ll also be taking to the road and BUSKING for the first time over the next few weeks.  Coming to a street near you, provided we haven’t been moved on by the time you get there…..


Midsummer music

Well, we’re not happy bunnies with the sound – we’re working on it! but here’s a little clip from last week’s gig in Valentines Park, part of the Redbridge Midsummer Music Festival. Welcome to Ryan! It was fun, and the sun shone! There’s another, longer set coming up in the Walled Garden there on 12th July. Coming? You KNOW you want to.


Summer plunky fun

With two potential new members raring to go, we have a whole load of summer gigs coming up. Including our first for which money will change hands (we didn’t have to pay too much…) and our first wedding! All very exciting. Once our two new victims decide they’ll stick around, they too will have the honour of a specially-commissioned cartoon and fact-filled paragraph to keep the world informed.

Fun will be had, whether or not our many weather-related tunes are appropriate (there’s something about belting out “Here comes the sun” and “Summer Breeze” in the midst of a heavy thunder shower…).

Why not come and join us? (see the calendar for all the dates and details)