About Funky Pluckers

We are a fine little instrumental ukulele band bringing to you our own arrangements of soul, jazz, latin, pop and rock tunes of the past 100 years (and more!) – nothing is off the table.  Available for weddings, festivals, street parties, workshops, and open to any other suggestions.  Just get in touch 

Individually we are…



Clare has been faffing around the margins of music-making for a very long time, and is now taking the chance to actually try and get better at one of the instruments she’s tried. Whilst missing the original Funky Plucker Mark McGlynn (RIP) more than she can say, she’s loved getting together each week with the rest of the group and making glorious, therapeutic ukulele music. She plays tenor and baritone but secretly wants to do the shaker…



Tony teaches guitar, bass and now, ukulele… He’s a brilliant arranger, coming up with just the right chord at just the right time, and maintaining a sunny disposition (almost) all the time. Tony plays tenor and soprano and frequently solos. Funny instrument, uke, for one of the world’s foremost undiscovered songwriters.

graham - Copy



Graham is also a mean guitarist, bassist and keyboard player, usually preferring to make all types of improvised music. Graham first worked with founder Mark McGlynn over 15 years ago. That didn’t put him off joining in, though, and here he is funkily plucking. In another life, Graham is a leading computer artist – you’ll find his work on deviantart.com



Jim retired a couple of years ago to spend more time with his ukulele, having spent most of his career moulding young minds. His favourite tunes are rich in harmony and melody, often older classics, a theme Jim continues in his active membership of two choirs. Jim can be a little absent minded, we have noticed, but we all have our foibles! Now where did I put that ukulele Jim?




Blossom is a great singer who, before picking up the uke, had seldom performed in public, except in her high profile housing and regeneration job, where she organises events, happenings and generally helps make life in Tower Hamlets richer. Somehow she manages to pick up a uke at the end of her long days to add her energy to the Funky Pluckers mix.




Chris mostly plays bass, and seems able to pick up even the trickiest bass lines quickly, calmly and without fuss – much needed skills! He has been playing for a while, though, and even now regularly gigs with other bands. Of course they don’t encourage Chris’s ukulele ambitions like we do…..

ryan t



Ryan is the newest band member, adding a layer of percussive glory to our sounds. He happens not only to be Chris’ son, but also has the honour and privilege of being our youngest member. About time the age profile was lowered.







4 thoughts on “About Funky Pluckers

  1. Loved hearing you last night at Forest Roots- really like what you are doing and it is nicely arranged. Its so hard to know what to do with lots of ukuleles.
    Also great website !
    Hope to hear you again sometime.
    Best wishes !

  2. Do you have any contact details for singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve King? I used to be in a band with him in London around 1998/99 but I’ve lost touch and would love to get back in contact. Playing the whole of ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ sounds about right. his party piece used to be a finger-picked instrumental of ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin! Great to see you’re still rocking Steve!

    1. Hi Callum,

      We met Steve on just that one occasion but you could follow the trail through the landlord (John) of The Bell in Glangrwyney, Powys (I spelt it wrong on the bit of film), and then Andrew who ran the open mic and was doing so regularly last year. He’ll know. Sorry not to be able to be any more help than that.

      All the best,


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