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Great gig on Friday at the RAFA Club in Ilford, with a warm and enthusiastic audience, and playing alongside the lovely vocal harmonies and guitars of Deja Vu.  Good grief, playing music is fun!

RAFA Club 2.10.15

Our playlist is wide-ranging and growing all the time, and this was our longest set yet.  We’ve visited the sixteenth century, worked our way through large parts of the twentieth and twenty-first. Now we’re working on getting some of our interesting, eclectic arrangements down on CD for all you lovely people.  We’ll put some recordings up here too.

And now…here’s news of a ukulele taster session we’re running at the same venue in a couple of weeks’ time.  Redbridge Music Lounge and the RAFA Club are hosting this, and it’s open to anyone who fancies a go at the uke or who wants to improve.  Bring yours with you if you have one, or there are a couple of extras if you don’t.  There’s no cost and it should be a fun session.  Open to all ages and abilities.  I’ll post publicity shortly but check the details in the calendar too.


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